Automotive Inspection System

Our trained personnel utilize the latest Android platform to facilitate vehicle inspections along with photos. The inspection data/photos are transmitted to our central servers where it’s available for viewing for our customers as well as transmitted to various customers via custom EDI.

There are times the damage is major.  The Major Damage Reporting (MDR) feature provides transparency in the claims process in order to expedite the repair process and classification of new vehicles. Major Damage that is classified as unrepairable will find significant value in the MDR reporting system in order to process the claim efficiently with the right parties involved.

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Claims Management

Logistical Data Services (LDS)’s freight claims management system handles any claims program your business may need.

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Freight Management System

Intermodal Inspection System

Logistical Data Services (LDS) provides complete intermodal inspection data
storage as well as reporting, with photos. LDS also provides intermodal audits
to assist you in keeping your operation as efficient as possible.

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Locomotive Inspection System

Logistical Data Services (LDS) provides complete locomotive inspection data storage as well as reporting, with photos. Locomotive inspection companies lease LDS’s system and input the inspection data along with photos which are then available, via our web interface, for rail customers to generate reports (with photos) as well as damage statistics.

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